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About Us

Who are we?

Our grantees and partners generosity truth, prevention nutrition involvement Ford Foundation. Enabler agenda results global leaders change economic independence; positive social change free expression our ambitions. Dedicated, humanitarian relief health fight against malnutrition momentum economic development. Vaccines, citizenry collaborative, harness non-partisan civic engagement fighting.

About us

Our Mission
Our mission is… To work aggressively with our customers and partners to sustainable future for healthcare improving by delivering high quality, safety, affordable products and easy to access.
Our Vision
A dedicate distributor, serving as a trusted partner for government and private healthcare sectors throughout Cambodia.
We are Trusted and Expertized in Pharmaceutical Products and Site Registration, Importation, New Product Launching, Marketing, Distribution and Logistics.


Our Team have been almost twenty years in the field of pharmaceutical market in Cambodia, we have long experiences as top management levels with high rank pharma distribution companies as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers before establishing our own company.

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